The Scaffolding Association

We are pleased to report that Trueform Scaffolding is now an Associate member of the Scaffolding Association!

Sounds great, but what’s that?

The Scaffolding Association is an independent, not-for-profit, trade organisation. It was set up in 2012 by Robert Candy, the Association’s Chief Executive, in order to raise the safety standards, technical quality and workforce skills within the scaffolding industry.

With over 200 members the Scaffolding Association is now one of the largest of its kind in the UK. The group is independent but works closely with scaffolding companies and relevant trade organisations across the industry. They aim to share information across the industry and give clear guidance and support; because they are not-for-profit they can be fair and maintain a non-competetive forum. The Association has a mission statement which also confirms that they are campaigning for Continuous Professional Development (CPD); this will ensure that there is a high level of training and competence across the industry.

There are now reportedly more than 2500 scaffolding companies in the UK. Because few checks are carried out some scaffolding firms may work without receiving proper training and guidance. It is also possible that they may not receive information regarding changes to legislation. Scaffolders can face different risks to other construction workers because of working at height which is why it is important to ensure that they are competent and operating in a safe and responsible manner. We read last week that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have cut their number of inspectors by a quarter in the last six years. This worrying news leaves us asking what will stop rogue companies from operating if the fear of being caught is taken away?

Why should you choose a Scaffolding Association Member to work on your project?

We understand that there are so many firms advertising online that it can be difficult to choose someone to undertake your scaffolding project. By selecting a Scaffolding Association member you can be confident that you are sourcing a reputable business. All Association members have to sign up to a strict code of conduct which includes:

  • Conducting business in a manner that will reflect credit on the Association and the industry
  • Adopting and committing to the principles and practices laid out by The Scaffolding Association
  • Training the workforce and supporting continuing professional development
  • Holding the required levels of insurance
  • Operating a health & safety policy
  • Acting with integrity and exercising high standards of workmanship and business practice.

What does joining the Scaffolding Association mean for Trueform Scaffolding?

It is an exciting step for us to become a member of the Scaffolding Association. We have now signed up to the Association’s code of conduct which is great news for our customers. In addition we are now working on our development plan for 2017 which includes further accreditation. Monique Noon, Operations Manager at Trueform Scaffolding said: “We are very happy to have become a member of the Scaffolding Association. Our next goal is to become an audited member. This will help us to demonstrate to our customers that our methods of working and procedures are compliant to recognised industry standards.” Frazer Noon, Managing Director, added: “We always try to work in the safest possible way but by being audited we can assure our customers even more. The Trueform team are now working on this and we look forward to sharing more information in due course.”

For more information about the Scaffolding Association you can visit their website